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Why Choose KOA?

Choose us because we want to help, because we are capable and efficient, and because your success is directly tied to our success.  Beyond that, you will always deal with a real person when you deal with Koa Consulting, and we plan to keep it that way.

We Have the Experience Needed

Look through our Portfolio and you will most likely recognize some names of friends or business associates that we have already helped.  Please ask them about your experience with us.  We work hard to make sure every client we help is satisfied and will refer their associates to us. 

We Are Creative, Both in Design and Implementation

This means that we think outside of the box for solutions, whether they are related to the design and branding of your project, or the creation of a web application.  Far too often developers simply try to make your vision fit within the parameters of a predefined template, we look at how to create something unique to meet your needs quickly and efficiently.

We Know the Meaning of Customer Service

In the event that you need ongoing maintenance or support, we have staff that are dedicated to helping you.  We make our existing clients a priority, and the long list of perks for our customer-base is something we are proud of.

We Intend to be Here for a Long Time

We have invested a good deal of time and effort to build up our client relationships and our technologies and have no plans to close our doors in any forseeable future.  We at Koa Consulting are here for the long haul and follow good business practices accordingly. 

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