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Home Why a good website is crucial
Recession or not, why a good website is crucial to your success.

In these recent months we have been approached by a large number of business owners, individuals, entrepreneurs, and everyone wants to know what effect the financial downturn will have on Internet-based businesses. As far as we can see, there is even more demand for quality web services and we will continue to do our best to help our clients weather this "storm" of insecurity.  As we reflect on previous times, general business practice was to lease an office space, purchase inventory, and open up shop. This was a huge amount of risk not to mention a hefty business loan to repay.  The common questions arise: "what if my products or services don't sell?"

Marketing your products on the Internet is the lowest overhead way to go!

Now we know that every business is unique and for someone that sells tamales at the local market they may feel it is unnecessary.  However considering that at this point most people search Google or Yahoo for just about anything before they resort to a phone book or dialing 411.  With this in mind wouldn't you like to be in that first page of search engine results?  I would hope so.

Here are some reasons why we at Koa Consulting feel that having an effective website NOW is crucial:

  • A website is very low overhead as compared to a brick-and-mortar store or office
  • Most people look on the Internet for products or services first before other sources
  • When people DO pick up the phone to call you, they have already seen your products and services
  • You can cut down on employee costs by having virtual tours of your products & services on the website

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