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Koa Consulting celebrates 6 years of business!

A lot can happen in 6 years.  A child can grow and learn to speak.  Lava can start flowing and cover up once-flourishing communities.  Businesses may come and go and hardly be remembered.  Looking back to 2005, we can certainly says that a lot has happened since then as a company.  Enough to keep us too busy to remember our 5 year anniversary!  With that in mind, we would like to take a moment to recognize our many accomplishments in a way that is more than a simple "pat on the back." 

Kalapana lava flow

As a small consulting business our accomplishments are best measured by the clients we have helped to succeed, the visions we have helped bring to fruition, and the organizations that have made strides in accomplishing goals because they had an effective online presence.  It's easy to be selfish in acknowledging a milestone by statistics, dollars, or quantities.  However we like to look beyond the underlying numbers and recognize each of the clients we have met along the way.  Is is this contact that has defined our ultimate direction as a company. And for this, we are thankful to each of our clients. Yes there was an exchange of time, services, and money.  But business in a smaller community like the Big Island needs more than this to thrive.  It needs repeat business, referrals and testimonials by exuberant clients, and to be a respected name in the community.  We have worked hard and diligently to achieve just this, and are happy to say it feels great to see this milestone and to continue onward towards the next one, at 10 years!

Mahalo Big Island and all of our clients across the globe for your continued support!
Koa Consulting LLC

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