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It's Business as Usual in Hawaii

With the current economic struggle being such a focus of day to day conversation, we here at Koa Consulting felt it would be good to think more on the positive aspects of our work routine.  We are as busy as ever, and I like to think that is because our main goal is to HELP our clients by providing them with much-needed technology. I've always found that when your purpose is to help others you simply cannot fail.  Yes it may get tough to pay the bills and there may be a lot of "juggling" going on, but somehow things just work out.  Now getting to the point of our current blog post, we are going to talk about some of the recent clients we have helped, what their goals are, and how in many ways it does feel very much like "business as usual" here in Hawaii.

Work Life Hawaii

  • We are creating a totally custom website portal to help them provide resources to their clients.  Very much a forward-thinking company, we are proud to be a part of their solution in helping their clients and ultimately over 75,000 others too!

WorkLife Hawaii is Hawaii's first and largest Employee Assistance Program. They  provide personal, local expertise to the challenges of the human side of business, offering assistance to over 70 businesses across the state of Hawaii and to over 75,000 employees and their families.

Lanakila Hawaii's "The Good Table" Benefit

  • We have created a totally custom website to help this non-profit organization raise much-needed capital for helping wipe out senior hunger.  As we are dedicated to helping humanitarian causes such as this, we have donated a significant deal of time doing volunteer work for this project.
Lanakila Pacific is a unique Hawaii-based non-profit offering programs and social enterprises that build independence for thousands of people with challenged lives.  Today, Lanakila Pacific’s Programs serve over 4,000 Oahu residents annually with programs that build life skills, which in turn support our greater community. www.thegoodtablehawaii.org

Kukuikea Island Clothing Company

  • We are creating a full-featured online store where you can purchase their unique "Aloha" shirts and apparel.  We especially enjoy helping local business folk to take an idea and turn it into a fully-functional income-producing website... go local entrepreneurs!

We are committed to bringing you authentic Aloha shirts.  All shirts are made with aloha in the Hawaiian Islands by locals, and are shipped directly to you from Hawaii. When you want to say or feel aloha but can’t be in Hawai’i to do it, Kukuikea Island Clothing Company is the next best thing.  Let us be there for you during your wedding, your next recital, your ohana (family) reunion, or your next big night out.  

Aroma Coffee Farm Hawaii

  • We have created an online store to help this Ka`u based coffee farm sell their world-class coffee.  Little did we know that Kau coffee is some of the best in the world and our clients have already won awards being in the top 10 of coffee WORLD-WIDE!  Yes they did give us a complementary bag and it was awesome!
Our coffee is world-class, grown and harvested by hand, and roasted to perfection.  You can find us (Amelia, Marlon, and Rodel Biason) working amidst our plants most days looking after our coffee.  We have a 4 acre plot that produces extremely well and enables us to share our coffee with others.  We hope you enjoy it and keep on ordering,and don't forget to tell your friends too.  www.aromahawaii.com



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