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How Social Networking Can Help Your Business

We are all well aware that Social Networking is more than popular, it is reaching all demographics, age groups, and driving people online!  So you may have a MySpace or Facebook page, a group of friends, and enjoy the time you spend interacting with it all.  So the big question here is "How Can This Help Me or My Business?"  This is where KOA Consulting can offer advise, consulting, and a custom social networking framework to help grow your business into the most profitable entity it can be.

Improving Custom Relations

Social networking allows companies to maintain and build a better relationship with their client-base. This allows you to interact with them on an informal basis, and in some cases allowing your other customers to help as well.

Interacting with Your Customers

Sure anyone can just call up their customers and ask them for feedback, try to sell them more products, or anything along those lines.  Social networking allows you to unobtrusively communicate with them in a way they are comfortable and on their own timeline. This can help improve the bottom-line results.

Enable Your Customers to Contribute

Allow your customers to interact and contribute to your social network system.  Whether this involves creating their own "profile" page, uploading images, chatting with other members, or somehow be in control of their membership. 

Reward Your Customers for Participating

Everyone likes a pat on the back for their good work, so don't forget to follow through and offer something.  It could be as simple as a ranking system where members get "points" for their participation, or it could be as generous as giving away gift cards for reaching certain levels of participation. This is where we can get creative. 

These are just general ideas but applied well to your custom business model, can definitely help improve your interaction with clients and as a result generate more business.  At KOA Consulting we are always looking for new ways to bring helpful technology "to the table" for our clients.  We offer several Social Networking systems to our clients and are ready to help you get started today.  Please contact us to request a quote or to schedule an initial meeting today!

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