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The KOA Technology Blog

We spend a good deal of time learning about new technologies that deal with graphic design and branding, website design, development, and Internet marketing and we like to share this with others.  Hopefully you find our blog to be a palatable way for us to talk about this new technology and our thoughts on it.  Please send us feedback if you can think of ways we can improve too.  Thank you!

Should you have an APP for your business?

Quite often these days we are asked "Should I have an app for my business?"  And this is a good question to ask!  It means you are thinking about improving your business, using new technology, and developing a new marketing approach.  This is exactly what every business owner should be doing.  Apps are great and all, but realistically there are just so many potential marketing directions you could go, but it’s really about the return on investment, isn’t it?  I mean in this day and age you MUST have a website no matter what your business is.  As for an app, it will cost thousands of dollars when you factor in the application costs with Apple and Android marketplace, then the cost to develop the app itself can be extensive. 

Then of course the question arises "who is going to manage the project of creating the app itself?"  That can be very time-consuming and if you think you can do it, you may feel like you're working two jobs for a while.  When you meet new clients they are obviously going to look at your website but how likely will they actually download your app?  It must be pretty awesome and provide something unique to go through that extra effort. 

As for a return on investment, you’re probably better off thinking about some new features to add to your website or setting up an “Email Blast” to get in touch with your customer list and hopefully bring in some new business.  Ultimately the choice is yours to make and time will tell if it's work the time and cost.  We are here to help should you decide to make improvements to your website or setup that "Email Marketing Blast" so just get in touch.

Tips to keep your website safe and secure.

So you have a great new shiny website, even some customers that call in and say they found you online!  Life is good, right?  Well... yes!  But as with most things, a website needs ongoing maintenance and security updates to ensure it stays safe, secure, and online.  You can think of a website like a car in this regard, if you leave your car out in the weather and don't change the oil or perform services to it, it's going to deteriorate, rust, and eventually break down.  We want our "nice" things to remain nice so clearly some upkeep is a good thing.  Koa Consulting is here to help maintain your website, perform security reviews, and keep it up-to-date with regards to content, security, and adding new features too. 

Koa Consulting celebrates 6 years of business!

A lot can happen in 6 years.  A child can grow and learn to speak.  Lava can start flowing and cover up once-flourishing communities.  Businesses may come and go and hardly be remembered.  Looking back to 2005, we can certainly says that a lot has happened since then as a company.  Enough to keep us too busy to remember our 5 year anniversary!  With that in mind, we would like to take a moment to recognize our many accomplishments in a way that is more than a simple "pat on the back." 

It's Business as Usual in Hawaii

With the current economic struggle being such a focus of day to day conversation, we here at Koa Consulting felt it would be good to think more on the positive aspects of our work routine.  We are as busy as ever, and I like to think that is because our main goal is to HELP our clients by providing them with much-needed technology. I've always found that when your purpose is to help others you simply cannot fail.  Yes it may get tough to pay the bills and there may be a lot of "juggling" going on, but somehow things just work out.  Now getting to the point of our current blog post, we are going to talk about some of the recent clients we have helped, what their goals are, and how in many ways it does feel very much like "business as usual" here in Hawaii.

Have a Winning Website Strategy!

These days especially we will sit down with a new potential client and they will ask the question:

"How much does it cost to make a website that will be #1 on Google?" 

If it was as simple as pressing a few buttons, wouldn't everyone do it?  Then of course you couldn't be #1 if everyone was pressing the same buttons!  Website ranking is not a simple thing, it is a combination of content, website structure, how often you update your site, how many people link to your site, and how popular it is (among other things).  The good news is that if you follow the following steps you will be well on your way to improving your search engine ranking and seeing results quickly.  And we are of course here to help if you get stuck.

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