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Our Mission

You may ask, "why the name Koa Consulting?" The word "koa" in Hawaiian means "strong."  Our number one goal at Koa Consulting is to utilize our collective creative and intellectual strength to help you harness the power of technology for your personal or business needs.

KOA Consulting - a Joomla Solutions Developer!

KOA Consulting is proud to be a provider of Joomla technology.  We use their cutting-edge Content Management System (CMS) as the framework for our websites, thus empowering our clients through open-source software development. 

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Website Development

We have vast experience in the field of custom website development and enjoy helping our clients meet their unique goals.  You are unique, so is your business, why try to fit into the constraints of a pre-packaged website solution?  In many cases, a custom solution is the best way to go and we are prepared to assist in any way possible.

E-Commerce Applications

We create custom solutions to help businesses sell their products or services on their website.  We can handle all phases of the project from setting up the merchant account to installing the Secure Server Certificate to building a custom online store to manage user accounts, orders, shipping, and tracking.

Open-Source Solutions

We promote the use of Linux, Apache, PHP, and mySQL as well as many of the other open-source technologies currently in use.  This technology gives us great leverage to compete with large-scale companies while still staying on target with our client's budget. 

Database-Driven Applications 

When we start talking with a new client, most often within just minutes of listening to their needs we come to realize that the realization of their vision involves storing, retrieving, and manipulating data in ways that a well-organized database is essential.  Thankfully we have the ability to administer databases through the website to help keep things scalable and accessible. 

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