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Our Mission

You may ask, "why the name Koa Consulting?" The word "koa" in Hawaiian means "strong."  Our number one goal at Koa Consulting is to utilize our collective creative and intellectual strength to help you harness the power of technology for your personal or business needs.

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KOA Consulting - a Joomla Solutions Developer!

KOA Consulting is proud to be a provider of Joomla technology.  We use their cutting-edge Content Management System (CMS) as the framework for our websites, thus empowering our clients through open-source software development. 

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Our Process Explained 


Define Your Needs

First we listen to the client to get an understanding of their current needs.  We will ask a series of questions aimed at clarifying the client's target demographic or niche as well as any technical details they are aware of.


We Create an Initial Release

After defining the specifications for the project, we create a "pre-release" version and present it to the client for review.  This deliverable may be missing some minor items such as content or final client-supplied images, but is intended to give an idea of what the final version of the project will be.  We will instruct the client on what kind of feedback is needed for us to move on to the next phase.


We Take Client Feedback and Apply it to the "Pre-Release"

Once we show the client the "pre-release" version of the project, we will ask them to review it and supply us with a list of revisions.  We then go through the list and refine things to ensure the details are handled to the original specification in a way that satisfies the client.


We Provide a Fully-Functional Release for Final Testing and Review

This release will usually be stored on our staging server and will be made available for the client and relevant staff to review.  Depending on the scope of the project, this stage may include a check-list of items for the client to sign off on before final release.


The project is released and the website made live

This includes the technical details as well as running a series of tests to ensure that the functional aspects of the site are working properly.  We can assist with any domain and email account transfers during this stage as well.  If we are scheduled to do any Search Engine Optimizations or Marketing we will begin these processes at this time.

Our Services

Koa Consulting offers a large number of services in a big effort to be a one-stop-shop for our clients.

  • Website Design
    Whether you need a simple website or a giant web portal, we will do our best to help out and ensure that you get the attention that you need.  We have extensive experience creating custom web applications and e-Commerce enabled websites.  We are a small company that is nimble enough to outperform, over-deliver, and stay within budget.  All this PLUS we guarantee to deliver a personal touch.
  • Website Development
    We have vast experience in the field of custom website development and enjoy helping our clients meet their unique goals.  You are unique, so is your business, why try to fit into the constraints of a pre-packaged website solution?  In many cases, a custom solution is the best way to go and we are prepared to assist in any way possible.
  • Graphic Design
    We have creative in-house graphic designers that can help you take your dreams and visions from concept to reality in a matter of meetings or conversations. Some of the graphic design services we offer include illustration, logo design, identity and branding for web and print media, and interactive Flash animations.
  • Internet Marketing
    Having a good website is not enough to bring business, this is where effective Internet Marketing techniques comes into play.  We can analyze your website, its content and structure, and reorganize things optimally to ensure the Search Engines give you the placement you deserve.
  • Content Creation
    We are pleased to announce that we have added copywriting to our menu of services in order to help our clients make the exciting, yet often overwhelming, ob of website content creation easier and more enjoyable.  We have worked closely with hundreds of busy clients who have often struggled to find the time to produce interesting website content that is both effective in reaching their target markets  and recognizable by the search engines they are hoping will bring them the clients, customers, and/or audience they are seeking.
  • Website Hosting
    We offer a cutting-edge hosting platform to ensure the optimal reliability and speed of your website. All of our hosting packages include email accounts with web-mail access, graphical display of website hit statistics, and that is just the start.  We provide a 99.9% uptime guarantee, ultra fast internet backbone, and state-of-the-art web servers.  We use a data-center that has a solid track record and plenty of room for us to grow as our clients require additional resources.
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