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Summer Newsletter (2010)

I would like to start by wishing you a warm Aloha and thanking you for taking the time to read our newsletter. The main topic of this newsletter is just to check in with each of you and thank you for your business and also to ask if there is anything we can help you with.  We are nearing the 5-year mark of having been in business in Hilo and have helped a lot of clients over the years.  We have grown to offer more "business-grade" services but still do not want to lose touch with our smaller clients.

With the state of the economy plus the stress that goes along with the day-to-day routine each of us is faced with, it's no easy feat to make time for things like blogging, newsletters, social networking, and so much more. However it's in making time to do these "little things" that gives us better RESULTS!  Now we all clearly want to make progress towards having a more effective marketing presence, growing our businesses, achieving the many goals associated with it.  But it's not going to happen overnight.

So to start, let's clear our head.  A client gave us a framed quote some time ago that definitely has a relaxing effect on my mind.  It simply states:

Contemplating the clear moon
Reflecting a mind empty as the open sky -
Drawn by its beauty,
I lose myself
In the shadow it casts.

 - Dogen Zenji -

Now that we are relaxed, let's get poised and ready to take action!  There are several SIMPLE things you can do right away with just a little bit of free time to let the general public know that you are taking action.

  1. Create a Facebook page!  Not just a profile page, but a page for your business, organization, group, or event.  Then take just a moment to post an update when you get a new client or reach a milestone of some sort.
  2. Create a LinkedIn page!  This is great for a business profile to establish credibility and also to network with others.
  3. Upload some videos to YouTube!  Show either yourself or your staff talking about what you do best in video format.  The search engines have been known to find a lot of these videos and it can help you compete with even big-budget competitors.
  4. Link to these pages from YOUR website!  Let your website visitors know that you mean business.

We're in business to help people, simply stated.  We like to see our clients succeed both for the feeling of knowing that our hard work is helping them, and also because it gives us more credibility as well.  Please just let us know if we can help you as well.  We are looking forward to being a part of your winning team.

Koa Consulting LLC

July 26, 2010

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