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August Newsletter

The Koa Consulting Newsletter

August 2008

  • Office Update: art and plants!
  • New Clients: Hawaii Dept of Education, Hilo Yacht Club, Hospice of Hilo, and more...
  • New Features: Mailing List Component Upgrades!  Web Form Upgrades with captcha to reduce spam!
  • Closing Thoughts

Office Update

This month we decided enough is enough and being motivated by a generous client's gift of a gift certificate to Pictures Plus, we went art shopping!  We are now the proud owners of a beautiful framed orchid print that fits right in to our office.  While we were out we picked up an Areca Palm and a Bird of Paradise and planted them in some nice ceramic pots.  At least if we are going to burn the midnight oil in the office we can rest assured that our plants are converting all that CO2 into nice clean oxygen for us. 

New Clients

We have been doing a lot of networking as usual and have made some friends in great places.  This month has led us to being contracted by the Hawaii Department of Education for two separate websites.  These will be full-featured content managed sites with a really innovative edge.  The Hilo Yacht Club has come to us quite a while back looking for a "local" solution and we are proud to be able to serve them.  The Hospice of Hilo contacted us as well with a long list of vital features they need for a website redesign.  We are thankful to have these local organizations in our network and will be displaying them on our portfolio just as soon they go live.

New Features 

As our clients request new features our programmer is always eager to build our custom components up to make them even more powerful and easy to use.  This month we have released a new version of our Mailing List Component.  This is a vital tool to help you send out mass emails to your clients complete with images, text, links, and more.  Included is an administrative interface that lets you import and export user data, save email templates, and track who has viewed each email and your overall success rate for each mailing.  Very useful stuff indeed.

On top of this, we have had some clients request a way to get around getting spam emails from "spam-bots" entering bogus data into their web forms.  We now offer a solution that uses "captcha" image verification, so basically only a "human" can read the dynamic image text that is required to send your web form, thus spam emails are eliminated!

Closing Thoughts

Far too often we have been hearing people talk about the bleak state of the economy and it is getting tiresome.  Especially here in Hilo, Hawaii where things move slow and not a whole lot has changed in the past decade or so.  What am I getting at?  I suppose I see this as a time when we all need to decide if we are really committed to being here and fighting for a place in Hawaii.  I feel that I have a handful of friends and associates that live here just floating by on a day-to-day basis and might as well be living in Arizona or Texas for that matter.  On the other side of that coin are those of us that would and have been doing whatever it takes to make ends meet so they can live in one of the last real paradises in America.  Sure the economy may not be great and it's hard to not worry hearing about the unemployment rate and everything, but if you CAN pull it off, isn't it great to wake up, work, and go to sleep and still call Hawaii home?  We think so.  And we're trying our best to not complain about the economy, especially when it's still easier to talk about the weather.

Much Mahalo!

Hurai Rody
Technical Director and Founder
Koa Consulting LLC

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