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We have created this page in an effort to keep new and current clients up-to-date with our ongoing projects.  Please check back or subscribe to our RSS feed to stay on top of what is going on with Koa Consulting!

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  • We've been working diligently and are proud to release a NEW Wordpress-based website for Ryan Higa, the "Prince of YouTube" as yesterday's Tribune Herald newspaper called him. With over 2 Billion YouTube views and coming from Hilo town, we're honored to be of service! www.higatv.com #RyanHiga #HigaTV #nigahiga

    Higa TV Productions LLC | The Official Site of Ryan Higa
    The Official Site of Ryan Higa
  • Looking for more information about what you can recycle or where to take your recyclables? Look no further! Go to our client site http://recyclehawaii.org/ for all of that useful info. We're proud to be helping with their website for over 7 years now.

    RecycleHawaii.org - Helping Hawaii Recycle!
    Recycle Hawaii is a non-profit educational organization serving the island of Hawaii. We currently offer public recycling services and education throughout the state of Hawaii.
  • The new website for the Kalapana Seaview Estates Community Association is now online! We're proud to have been a part of this community's reach to the Web. Check it out: http://kseca.org/

    Kalapana Seaview Estates Community Association - Kalapana Seaview Estates Community Association
    Kalapana Seaview is located on the Big Island of Hawaii in the lower Puna District, Southeast of Hilo. It is a beautiful ocean-side home to a diverse community of people who enjoy the peace and tranquility of rural living in a tropical climate.
  • We've released an updated website for the annual Peace Day Parade. It's a great event coming up in September in Honokaa. Check it out: http://peacedayparade.org/

    Parade and Festival for the United Nations Day of Peace - Parade and Festival for the United...
    Peace Day Parade is Organized by the Committee for the Parade and Festival for the United Nations International Day of Peace
  • We are pleased to announce that the Tropical Hardwood Tree Improvement & Regeneration Center (TROPHTIRC) website is now live! TROPHTIRC is a collaborative research, development and extension partnership who’s mission is to advance the science of tropical hardwood tree improvement, regeneration, and conservation genetics. One of their goals is to assist in the reforestation of our Hawaiian Acacia Koa!

    Tropical Hardwood Tree Improvement and Regeneration Center
    The Tropical Hardwood Tree Improvement and Regeneration Center (HTIRC) is a collaborative tropical regional research, development and technology transfer effort between industry, university, private, state and federal entities to advance tree improvement of central hardwoods for increased forest pro…
  • Need Custom Catering or an Event Planned in Southern California? Gourmet Catering and Events is a full service catering and event planning company operating in Southern California. Their services range from simple company picnics, corporate retreats to wedding coordinating.

    Gourmet Catering - Southern California's premier catering and corporate event planning company,...
    Gourmet Catering & Event Production in Southern California offers event solutions and professional, full-service catering and bartending services at affordable prices with a wide selection of unique menus to accommodate all types of tastes and budgets. Gourmet Catering services Orange County (cateri…
  • We've just made the new website for Lyman Kona Coffee Farms live! Please check it out, buy some coffee, macadamia nuts, and learn more about their award-winning organic coffees! http://lymankonacoffee.com/

    100% KONA Coffee, Certified Organic, Fresh Roasted, FAST Shipping - Lyman Kona Coffee Farms
    Award-winning Lyman Kona Coffee Farms sells 100% Kona Coffee, Certified Organic, roasted daily, order online with FAST shipping!
  • We're proud to release the newly updated website for Island Trust Properties here in Hilo. Find that perfect property for sale on the Big Island of Hawaii! We've created a custom MLS search system that makes it easy. http://www.island-trust.com/

    Island Trust Properties - Big Island Real Estate, Hilo Real Estate
    Big Island Real Estate, Hilo Real Estate, please call Gary Petrison 808 969 3939, Island Trust Real Estate Hilo HI
  • Aloha and Happy Holidays from Koa Consulting! We look forward to helping you all in 2014 and beyond! Mahalo.

  • We've just finished a website for a great upcoming event in East Hawaii, The Hawaii Honey Festival! Make sure you come to the festival it's going to be good fun with live music, food, crafts, garden tours, and more! http://hawaiihoneyfestival.com/

    Hawaii Honey Festival
  • We're done some upgrades for a past client on Kauai that grows some awesome TEA! Check them out: http://www.cloudwatertea.com/

    Cloudwater Tea Farm - Organic Tea, Classes, Education and More
    For over 10 years Cloudwater Tea Farms pioneered the development of tea throughout the Hawai’ian islands.
  • Win a Galaxy Tablet from one of our clients! The Happy Channel is a portal of positivity and is aimed at brightening up your day. Check it out! http://thehappychannel.com/SamsungGiveaway

    Spread the Happy Giveaway!
    Spread The Happy Giveaway! Win a Samsung Galaxy Tablet! Refer 3 friends to sign up for profiles on www.TheHappyChannel.com
  • One of our long-time clients "The Happy Channel" has had us do a big update to their site and are getting a HUGE amount of press via Chicago Tribune, AOL, and WNG. Need a dose of happiness in your daily routine? Check it out: http://on.aol.com/video/how-to-create-a-happier-internet-517795395

    How to Create a Happier Internet

    The Happy Channel is a new site created to inspire and spread more positivity on the internet.
  • This is awesome! As our clients will testify to, change is a good thing, especially when it comes to your website and marketing. Your 'brand identity' needs to evolve along with your website and other marketing tools.

    How Famous Logos Have Changed Over Time
    All the logos you see around you? They're eventually going to change some day. It might be because they get outdated or it might be because of a new CEO's quirky taste or it might because the company has some vain hope to rebrand themselves as more modern or more friendly or more whatever it is to.....
  • Please check out this offer from one of our clients.

    Timeline Photos
    Sharing some big news from our sister store Creative Arts Hawaii...NEW SERVICES! Digital garment printing & Banner printing! Call or email them today to find out more! http://www.creativeartshawaii.com/index.php?option=com_content&view=article&id=119:new-digital-garment-printing-a-banner-printing-services&catid=28:specials&Itemid=128
  • TED always offers some great insights into technology. Here are some interesting tidbits to keep you entertained.

    From TEDGlobal speakers: 11 websites you didn’t know you needed | TED Blog
    We've spent the past year researching the lineup for TEDGlobal 2013 -- and bookmarking some amazing websites and pages along the way.
  • Something we ask ourselves every time we have to deal with SPAM emails bombarding us or a client's site. Don't they have something better to do? TED does a great job of explaining things so this may shed some light on the topic.

    Who are the hackers? | TED Playlists
    The Internet connects us as never before, but there's a dark side to this web. Who are the hackers who wreak havoc online? And what is it they want? Sociologists, criminologists and hackers themselves shed light …
  • It's always cool to see how powerful Photoshop can be.

    50 Best Photoshop Manipulated Photographs Ever | RealityPod | Top 10, Gadgets, Technology & Robotic
    Everyday we come across photo-shopped images on internet. Today we have compiled 50 of the best Photoshop manipulated photographs ever. Scroll down and enjoy
  • ALOHA GROWN MALAMA HONUA FUND $500 Prize for your nonprofit, school, organization or initiative.

    Timeline Photos
    ALOHA GROWN MALAMA HONUA FUND $500 Prize for your nonprofit, school, organization or initiative.
  • Mauna Kea Snow at 11,000 ft!

  • I think a mountain trip this weekend is in order!

    Timeline Photos
    UPDATE: Road is closed, and might be for most of the day. Winter Weather Advisory is until 6p today, which doesn't really mean more snow, just junk conditions that's gonna keep the road closed (booooo) We let you know, when the Snow Man let's us know.
  • Happy Monday Everyone!

  • Who knew there was a whole town out there? Let's all have a great February!

  • One of our long-time clients just keeps on releasing AMAZING 3D/4D+ films (used for rides at amusement parks, etc). You can watch the trailers and with any luck get a chance to preview what is coming to an amusement park near you: http://www.xdfilms.com/5d_ride_films/Frankenstein-escape-the-monster.html

    Escape the Monster - Frankenstein XD!
    'It's Alive...Frankenstein XD! Escape the Monster' is a thrilling stereoscopic 3D/4D/5D Experience! This attraction is optimized for 4D, 5D, 6D, and 7D motion and special FX theaters.
  • We're pleased to release a new website for Pomai Longakit, a local Hawaii-based musician! You can listen to her music and even buy cool gear and albums from the site: http://pomaimusic.com/

    Aloha! - www.PomaiMusic.com - The Official Website of Pomai Longakit!
    Aloha and welcome to the Official Website of Pomai Longakit! Here, you can check out my Online Store, Music CDs and Mp3s, Event Galleries and book me for your Event!
  • Black Friday deals - 50% off everything with code black50!!! - can be found at our client's site: http://www.knoxxgear.com/store.html . Get some cool stuff from KNOXX Gear!

    KNOXX Gear
  • Need a facial or spa service? We are proud to announce the release of the Natural Beauty Spa & Massage website along with its grand re-opening in the Manono Marketplace!


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