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Support Expired?

Has your support contract expired?  We provide some of the best customer service around, but can only do so if you have an ongoing support plan with us.  We offer several easy and affordable ways to have ongoing support and maintenance for your website.

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Koa Consulting provides reliable web hosting, "green" web hosting, and we provide quality support when you need it.

We have had a number of clients that have started off with another provider because of their seemingly lower cost, unlimited bandwidth, or whatever reason.  There is a lot of competition out there and many of them offer things so cheap it makes you wonder how they can make any profit.  Unfortunately many of them are overselling their servers even though they may promise unlimited amounts of storage space and bandwidth, they are counting on the fact that most people won’t use much of these resources. 

We feel that we are providing a more robust solution, more personal customer service, and a reliability that is backed by each of our existing clients.  If you compare apples to apples and look at other professional-grade hosting platforms, we are actually quite a bit less than the competition.  Also keep in mind that the majority of our customers do not want to be a "webmaster" and they would much rather pay us the hosting fee to have manage it and know that they have peace of mind.  We prefer to host our clients’ websites so that we can be the one point of contact if they need further assistance or encounter any problems with their site or email.  If we are just the "middle-man" it tends to prolong problems and ends up being a frustration that can easily be avoided. 

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