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Home Support Frequently Asked Questions Do your websites support Internet Explorer 6 (IE6)?
Do your websites support Internet Explorer 6 (IE6)? PDF Print E-mail
Please note that as of March 1st, 2010 we will no longer be supporting Internet Explorer version 6.0.

Internet Explorer 6 (IE6) is becoming known as the most outdated and problematic web browser around.  IE6 has been out of production for years now and in most cases is simply not supported any more.  Take a look at the following news clip to see how Google and others are dropping support for it completely:


While many of the websites we create may still function using IE6, we plan to stop spending additional time to ensure everything works at 100%.

Please keep in mind that if you are using Internet Explorer 6 you should IMMEDIATELY upgrade to version 7 or 8 for security reasons among others (or use Firefox, Google Chrome, or Safari).  

Links to the following are as follows:

* Do you have a project that requires support for Internet Exporer 6?  We can still help, we just ask that you let us know before-hand so we can accommodate your request.

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