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As a realtor, what can I do to improve my website and overall results? PDF Print E-mail

Being a real estate agent in Hawaii can be great in so many ways.  You are helping people find the home of their dreams, working in some of the most beautiful areas in the world, and you get to live in Hawaii too.  It seems hard to beat as we see it.  However right now the number of realtors on the Big Island of Hawaii alone is pretty huge, and that means there is a lot of competition. So of course the question arises: "What can I do to improve my website and how can I rise to the top of the search engine listings?"

Some of these things might seem pretty obvious as you can always see what the competition is doing (just look at the first handful of sites that show up in Google).  But also keep in mind that the competition may have had a website online longer, have spent a significantly bigger budget, and have a bigger team of people at work to gain market share.  But don't let this get you down, even with the odds against you there are many ways you can be the "David" facing the "Goliath" and still walk away a success.

Here is a list of things that we think will help the Search Engine Optimization side of things AND just getting more people to spend time on your site:

  • Having a “quick search” feature right on the home page and centrally located
  • Having a list with SMALL thumbnails of your *Featured* properties (lowest prices, reductions, things YOU feel as an expert realtor are really worth looking at and not just average listings)
  • Having a search or keyword “cloud” on the site so people can see what is currently popular (people like to feel like they are keeping up with the current trends and such)
  • Keeping an ongoing blog where you talk about current events and news (as related to real estate), and especially try to break “out of the mold” and talk in a unique and/or informal way
  • Having a “daily update” newsletter where people can put in brief details about what they are looking for (price range, area, etc) and the website will email them when new listings become available
  • Integrating 3rd party “widgets” like charts, statistics, search tools, maps, etc.  These are great because they really lend to the professionalism of your site without you having to create them from scratch.
  • Using a name and/or domain that is more generalized towards Hawaii Real Estate.  You may have a website domain that is established as a trusted business here on the Big Island but those new to the area will find more appeal with something that is more obviously related to real estate and Hawaii.
  • Doing a comprehensive search engine optimization on the site

And of course we are ready to help with any of these things so please don't hesitate to contact Koa Consulting for all of your website and marketing needs.

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